Alexandre Lacazette wanted to be a goalkeeper as a child but mom intervened

Alexandre Lacazette


Alexandre Lacazette could have been playing in a different position if it wasn’t for his mom.

Lacazette plays upfront for Arsenal and France and it all worked out for him in the end. But if he had a choice in the matter, Lacazette could have been playing as a goalkeeper instead.

The Arsenal forward revealed that he wanted a career of stopping the ball going into the net instead of putting the ball there himself.

However, Mrs Lacazette changed all that and he became a striker, not a goalkeeper.

“I did like playing in goal when I was young but my mum wasn’t very keen as she thought being a goalie was too dangerous,” he said when on France duty.

“She said that I either played as a forward or not at all.”

He took his mom’s advice and started in playing as a forward.

“Sometimes I was embarrassed for the opposition if there was a huge goal difference between the two teams but that didn’t happen all the time,” he said.

“I suppose temperament wise, I was quite reserved. I still am. I just liked playing football with my friends.

“If we lost, of course I was sad. I used to cry at the slightest negative thing. Don’t worry, it’s changed now!”

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