Arsenal should have signed Gareth Barry

Gareth Barry


Paul Merson believes that Arsenal should have signed Gareth Barry during the summer.

West Bromwich Albion has paid Everton £1 million to get him. Now, the former England international is set to play against Arsenal on Saturday setting his Premier League appearance holder with 636 games in England’s top flight.

Arsene Wenger revealed that he tried to sign Barry in 2009 but was unsuccessful since he joined Manchester City instead.

Ex-Gunner Merson tells Sky Sports that Wenger should have tried again but instead the 36-year-old was transferred to West Bromwich Albion.

“Wow, a great signing [for West Brom]. For me, I look at him and think ‘Well why didn’t Arsenal take him for a year?’

“He gets the ball, moves it quickly, he don’t mess about. He’d give it to Ozil, give it to Sanchez. He’s never going to go anywhere, always going to stay where he is. He’s an unbelievable buy for West Brom.”



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