Arsenal won’t win the Premier League title according to ‘Invincible’ star Lauren

Arsene Wenger


Arsenal had a difficult start this season with the Premier League but are now enjoying a good standing as they are now fifth-placed.

But “Invincible” star Lauren says while Arsenal are enjoying its position, they will not the Premier League title as they are lacking in three key areas.

Lauren believes this his former club will fall short when the time comes. The two-time title winner and member of Arsenal’s famed class of 2003-2004 said that the Gunners will miss out because of three important factors. First, Wenger does not have seven or eight players fighting for him.

“The second factor is that there are so many teams looking to win the league – five or six of them.

“And the third factor is that – with all my respect – we miss something in the dressing room. We miss something that drives teams to win and challenge for the Premier League – some leadership from inside.

“Nowadays, people are not fighting for the solution, they are not fighting for the flag, fighting for the whole institution. I’m talking about people in general, not just Arsenal. People are more selfish and looking more for individual success, rather than whole club.”

Lauren also said that Wenger has also changed and there is no element of fear in his tactical approach.

“Wenger is the kind of manager who is not looking at individuals. He looks at the team.

“We all make mistakes, but when he talked about errors, he was looking at the whole side. That was a key issue in our time – if someone had a bad day, we didn’t focus on that player.

“I don’t know what other managers did, but he always emphasised we had to take care of decision-making. As a defender, people talk about how bad the back four might be – but if the whole team defend in the right way, it’s easier for the back four. He wanted us to work together.”

“This year, he’s changed that [worrying about opponents].

“Now he’s taking more care about the opposition. After 18, 19 years of playing 4-4-2, now he’s playing three at the back. That means he’s worried about what other people are doing.”



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