Arsene Wenger now finds clarity after Alexis Sanchez move to Manchester United

Arsene Wenger


Now that Alexis Sanchez is gone at Arsenal and has now transferred to Manchester United, Arsene Wenger admits that he has more “clarity” and can regain focus on the club.

Sanchez, who is reported to have brought animosity towards his Arsenal team-mates, is happy with his move to United.

Alexis Sanchez


The transfer brought a resolution towards the future of Sanchez and Wenger believes that this also brought peace to his side as they were able to win over Chelsea 2-1 in the second leg of the EFL Cup semi-final.

“Uncertainty [has gone].

“We lost a great player, but of course it’s true that when the team doesn’t know what’s going on, there’s less clarity and less focus on performances.

“Now we know that we have to deal with that and we can get on by giving everyone a little bit more.”

Speaking about their win over Chelsea he said: “We gave them too much respect, too much distance,” he said. “We were maybe too scared to go for it.

“We suffered from that. We weren’t in the right positions on the pitch in the first half, we rectified that and took control of the game in the second half.

“In the first half we watched them play a little and they strolled through our lines, but in the second half we were tighter. The midfield came in the game more and we started to dominate.”

“I think maybe we got our formation wrong in the first 20, 25 minutes.

“They damaged us through middle, but we came back into it, we showed character and were the better team in the second half.”

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