Atalanta defender Mattia Caldara strips down to his underwear after winning against Everton

Mattia Caldara
Mattia Caldara strips down after winning against Everton.


Atalanta celebrate their win of the Europa League on Thursday night and defender Mattia Caldara had to show how much he enjoyed winning.

The 23-year-old took off his shoes, shorts and socks and run around the pitch in just his underwear and underlayer.

The Toffees remain at the bottom of Group E and just had one point from five games.

Everton vs Atalanta
Everton vs Atalanta


David Unsworth already had six games after taking temporary charge from Ronald Koeman but only won once.

Everton returned to European football but with the terrible lost against Atalanta, it could be seen that the Toffees are greatly struggling.

Everton sit 16th and will go against Southampton on Sunday.

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