Romelu Lukaka scores against Huddersfield but could he play against the big boys?

Romelu Lukaku


Romelu Lukaku played against Huddersfield Town and it looks like he used his brute strength to score against them.

Huddersfield could not just stop him. But despite his good performance on Saturday, some are still questioning his talent as he has only been able to score against teams that are in the bottom half.

Manchester United transfer him from Everton for £75 million but it looks like he still has no big moments until now.

While he also was able to muster four shots on target against big teams but it is not the goals that are lacking but performances.

Romelu Lukaku


So far, Lukaku has not made devastating counter attacks against bigger teams that prevented them from challenging Manchester City for the title.

It can be seen that he has the confidence to do so and he has the attributes of a great player, but he still does not have the killer instinct like what Sergio Aguero and Harry Kane possess.

If Lukaku cannot make the goals that matter, he may not be able to have fans remember him in ten years’ time.

For now, fans can celebrate the two goals he made against Huddersfield.




Lucas Moura introduced himself at Tottenham in style

Lucas Moura


Lucas Moura had to wait for his debut at Tottenham after signing in January but he did announce himself to English football in some style against Rochdale.

Fans are happy with Moura and even commenting that the attacker stole the show for Mauricio Pochettino’s side.

Even during the first half. Moura stood out with his pace and trickery. The second half was excellent though as they were able to keep the score 1-1.

Moura was replaced by Delle Alli but showed more than enough in the 65 minutes he was on the pitch.

Fans were impressed and showed their love to Moura on Twitter.

Antonio Conte doubts Chelsea will have advantage over Barcelona

Antonio Conte


Antonio Conte says Chelsea’s Friday night fixture will not have an advantage in the Champions League game because they will also be playing against tough competitors between the two legs against Barcelona.

Conte will play against Manchester United on February 25 and will be followed by a game against Manchester City on March 4.

“I think to play of Friday is good for us,” Conte said.

“Three days to try and prepare the game against Barcelona.

“At the same time, between these fames, we have two strong games in the league: Manchester United and Manchester City, both away.

“If we were lucky to play on Friday, we were very unlucky to have this schedule between the two Barcelona games.

“This schedule is not very interesting for us. Maybe it is for someone else. I hope for no replay (against Hull). We had one against Norwich, but I hope to try and win this game and go through without a replay.”

Jack Butland not moving to Liverpool FC despite claims he is leaving Stoke City

Jack Butland


Stoke City’s Jack Butland has been rumoured to a transfer to Liverpool FC but this was later denied by the goalkeeper and said that he is putting his focus on the club.

Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp also admitted that he was having a hard time deciding between Loris Karius and Simon Mignolet as his first choice.

But Butland denied the claims that he wants to move to Liverpool and that he did not ask his club if he could leave them so that he can transfer to Liverpool.

“Before this spread any further, I haven’t told the club I want to leave, I’m focused on doing everything I can to keep the club in this division,” Butland wrote on his Twitter account.

Liverpool are bound to be linked with numerous players as clubs prepare for the summer transfer window.


Jurgen Klopp refused to accept Liverpool’s place in the quarter-finals

Jurgen Klopp


Jurgen Klopp refused to accept that Liverpool have one foot in Champions League quarter finals despite their great win against FC Porto 5-0.

Liverpool dominated their game against FC Porto in Portugal and effectively killed a possible tie ahead of their game with them again at Anfield on March 6.

Klopp will be able to rest some of his key players four days before an important game against Manchester United at Old Trafford.

Klopp also insisted that they will not go easy on Porto when asked if the last 16 tie was over/

“No, of course not. Why should I think that.”

“We came here to create the basis for the second game at Anfield, no more no less.

“I’ve said many times I’m too long in the business to think anything is sorted before the final whistle is done.

“We owe our supporters at Anfield a 100% performance and that’s what we want to deliver. That’s all.”

Everton celebrated 30 years of work in the community with a gala dinner




Wayne Rooney together with manager Sam Allardyce, new signings Theo Walcott and Cenk Tosun and the rest of the team attended a star-studded event.

Everton celebrated their 30 years of work in the community with the entire first-team squad attended the black tie event to celebrate the achievements of the charity since they started in 1988.

“Just being around for 30 years is fantastic, but if you look at what the guys have done in that period, it is something we are really proud of,” Everton captain Phil Jagielka said.

“I am delighted to be here and to have played my part but the most important people are the guys who have put in all the hard work over the years.”

One of the highlights of the event was the £250,000 raised by David Unsworth and Under-23 players to help buy a property in the city to help vulnerable young adults on the verge of homelessness.

Everton Gala Dinner
Everton Gala Dinner


Jurgen Klopp says Roberto Firmino is being appreciated more after Philippe Coutinho left

Roberto Firmino


Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp believes forward Roberto Firmino will be appreciated more since the departure of Philippe Coutinho.

Klopp feels that since Coutinho’s move to Barcelona in January, Firmino, who has netted seven times in eight Champions League games, will be able to take more of the limelight.

“When I came in I said immediately that I was happy Roberto was here,” the German said ahead of his side’s last-16 tie against Porto.

“I don’t think he has stepped up recently but maybe it is more obvious because his situations are not overshadowed by Phil Coutinho’s situations. That’s how it is.

“He’s a very important player and he doesn’t always have to be the standout player. As often as he can be, that’s good.

“Is he underrated? I don’t think so, not anymore. I don’t know what other people think about Roberto Firmino. But people with a football brain judge him right.”

DeAndre Yedlin says United States aim to win the World Cup

DeAndre Yedlin


Despite the U.S. team’s failure to qualify for the World Cup for the first time since 1986, DeAndre Yedlin still insists that United States ultimate target is to win the World Cup.

The Newcastle right back has said that the United States should set their sights on winning a World Cup although they were not able to qualify for Russia 2018.

For me, I want to win the World Cup. If that’s not the goal then I don’t think you should be playing,” Yedlin told NBC Sports.

“A lot of people will say that isn’t realistic but for me, I will say, ‘Why?’ Why isn’t that realistic? Leicester City won the Premier League and nobody thought that could happen but it did.’

“If that’s [winning the World Cup] not the ultimate goal then I think we should reevaluate things.”

But before they could win, the United States must qualify first, and Yedlin believes that his country’s recent disappointment will be a motivating factor for Qatar 2022.

“I wouldn’t call it a blessing in disguise but I think now, especially the guys that have come through it, now we feel what disappointment is like, not making the World Cup,” Yedlin said.

“Now there is going to be an extra gear that is hit to make sure we make the next one but not only make it but do well in it.”

The 24-year-old believes that the team’s next shot lies at the younger generation as they want them to take control.

“Every international career is going to come to an end you’re going to pass it down to the younger generation,” Yedlin said.

“Every career comes to that point. I think they [the older generation] are happy with doing that and they know we have some talented players coming in.”

Can Liverpool progress in the knockout stages of the Champions League

Jurgen Klopp


Liverpool will walk out at FC Porto’s Estadio do Dragao next Wednesday and this will be the first time in nine years that they have been involved in the knockout stages of the Champions League.

But can they handle it? Jamie Carragher shares his insights about the long wait and he only has positive things to say about Jurgen Klopp’s side.

Jamie Carragher

“It has been too long,” Carragher said.

“Over the years when I was playing maybe we took it for granted getting to the knockout stages of the Champions League.

“Now only when you’ve been away for so long, you appreciate how big a thing it is.

“Hopefully the manager and the lads can help us keep moving forward and get through that Porto tie.

“Then you’ve got the excitement of the draw and it keeps the season going in terms of a trophy still being up for grabs.”

“Yes, Liverpool are big outsiders this season,” Carragher said.

“But this team is better than the Liverpool team I played in that won the Champions League in 2005.



“It will be tough against Porto but it’s a winnable tie and if we get through that who knows what could happen.

“With all the talk about getting into the top four and qualifying for the Champions League for next season, we shouldn’t forget that we’re still in the competition this season.

“I’m going over to Portugal myself next week and hopefully we can get a good result and see where it takes us.”

“I never moved clubs so I don’t know what it’s like to go back somewhere, but I don’t think it’s nice when a whole crowd turns on you,” Carragher said.

“Their fans have got that many options it won’t just be one they’re targeting! Lovren gets stick down there so Van Dijk won’t be alone and I’m sure he can handle it.

“Southampton are down there but I think player wise they have probably got the best team out of the clubs that are down there.

“They still play some really good football. Tottenham only got a draw there a few weeks ago.

“With Arsenal playing Tottenham this weekend, one of those clubs is going to drop points and Liverpool have to capitalise by getting a win.”

“It’s very tight. Liverpool have had a couple of opportunities to create a gap of four or five points and they haven’t taken them,” Carragher said.

“The worry is that Tottenham in recent years have had a great second half of the season. Being out of the FA Cup, even though you don’t like it, that could be a help for Liverpool.

“We’ve still got to go to Goodison, Old Trafford and Chelsea but I still fancy us to get top four. If Liverpool achieve that if will have been a great job by Jurgen Klopp to get Champions League football two years running.”

Eden Hazard named the Best Belgian player in a Foreign League for 2017

Eden Hazard


Eden Hazard from Chelsea was named the Best Belgian player in a Foreign League for 2017, edging Kevin De Bruyne from Manchester City and Dries Mertens from Napoli.

Hazard defeat De Bruyne by 11 votes with 326 while Mertens was 56 voted behind.

De Bruyne had won the award for the past two years and even topped the second round of voting while Mertens won the first round.

But this was not enough to upstage Hazard at the gala ceremony on Wednesday in Belgium where he received the most points for his maiden honour in his home country.

“My first prize in Belgium and certainly not my last one,” Hazard said.

Hazard has scored nine goals and two assists for his club Chelsea.