Can Arsenal win against Manchester City?

Arsene Wenger


While Arsenal displayed great form winning against Tottenham, but the question still remains if anyone can bid Manchester City at the moment.

Arsenal deliver their best performance of the season following their defeat at the Etihad two weeks ago.

Arsene Wenger described City as “on another planet with their results – and that is why I was so angry two weeks ago.”

Tottenham are also concerned with solidifying their Champions League status and are now staring up at a double-digit deficit against City.

“Before we think about City, it is important to stay in the top four,” says Tottenham keeper Hugo Lloris. “This is the main target for our team.”

Wenger, on the other hand, said the decisive factor has been with his attacking player which relentlessly pressed Tottenham out of possession.

“We need the strikers to contribute, to defend,” Wenger said. “I believe that is where the change was. They defended very well from the front.”

“The longer you are somewhere, the more guilty you feel if it doesn’t go well,” he said. “I know what it means to people but, overall, I am more focused on the future of this team.”

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