Can Manchester City end the Premier League without defeat?

Kevin De Bruyne


Manchester City have been unstoppable since the start of the season and they are the only team that has not tasted defeat. The question though is if they can continue their winning streak.

While most are positive that Guardiola’s men can do what Arsenal did in 2003-04, Kevin De Bruyne doubts City’s chances of matching the “Invincible’ Premier League record.

City have already scored a remarkable 35 goals in 10 matches with a goal difference of plus 29.

“To go unbeaten? Well, it’s very hard. I don’t think it will be possible,” said De Bruyne.

“The level of competition is so high, in every team. It’s not like, with all respect, 10 or 15 years ago where you have a couple of teams that won’t win against the top teams.

“Now, every game is hard and you need to be mentally there. And with the Champions League and all the cups, there will be a game where maybe we are a little bit less and maybe lose. But as long as it keeps going, it’s good.

“Obviously, if you win a lot of games it’s good for us. You keep maintaining pressure. Hopefully, we can have two good games this week and go into the international break unbeaten and it will mean we put a lot of pressure on the rest.”

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