Chelsea’s tweet before game with Crystal Palace seems funny now

Chelsea vs Crystal Palace


In an unbelievable turn of events, Crystal Palace won against Chelsea in a 2-1 score at Selhurst Park. But what is more interesting is what Chelsea made on their Twitter account before the game started.

No one actually believed Crystal Palace could win as they have really started their Premier League season in a very embarrassing way. With 17- 0 and no draw, everyone though already ruled them out.

Then Palace won 2-1 and everyone went crazy over their victory.

But before the game started Chelsea made a video on their official Twitter account explaining in detail how Palace set a new record for the worst start to a Premier League season. How they failed to score and lost all of their games.

No one knew this would come but Palace won.

Palace fans were all thrilled about the result and made Chelsea’s Twitter video something to laugh at.


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