David Beckham reveals middle name in honour of Manchester United legend Sir Booby Charlton

David Beckham and Sir Bobby Charlton
David Beckham and Sir Bobby Charlton.


David Beckham has revealed his middle name Robert in honour of Sir Bobby Charlton who is celebrating his 80th birthday.

Charlton is considered the most distinguished player in English football history and has enjoyed a record-breaking career for Manchester United and England, which included winning both the World Cup and European Cup in the 1960s.

David Robert Joseph Beckham also enjoyed a much celebrated career with United and England and spoke to the media about what he remembers of Charlton.

“I was lucky enough to meet him when I went to the Bobby Charlton Soccer School at the age of 10 when I first came here, and I won it when I was 11,” Beckham said.

“It was a dream to meet him because he was my dad’s favourite player and my middle name Robert is after Sir Bobby!

“He would always try to help the young players. When you play for a club and you have ex-players that come and talk to you that are involved with the team, it means a lot.

David Beckham and Sir Bobby Charlton


“But when you have Sir Bobby Charlton come up to you and say well done, or this is how you can do something better, or this is how you represent the club, it means something.

“It means so much when you have someone of that stature and with that experience who is a legend at the club you support. He means so much to so many people, especially to Manchester United fans and England fans.”

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