David Wagner talks about Huddersfield’s success

David Wagner


Huddersfield have no doubt impressed a lot of fans with their kind of football.

In an exclusive interview with BBC Sport, Boss David Wagner discussed his effective strategy of having his team harmonise which is truly present in his squad.

Wagner even mentioned the pre-season trip they made to the Swedish wilderness in 2016 which is also a contributing factor to their closeness.

Huddersfield are now enjoying a respectable start with three wins, three draws and an even great play against Manchester United on Saturday where they won 2-1.

“We were on this island without electricity…we wanted to bring the group together, that was the idea of it. It paid off, yes,” Wagner said.

“It wasn’t the nicest one (bonding session), very uncomfortable.

“During the time there, they were so excited about it because it was so new, maybe they moaned, but I didn’t hear it. They said they felt like humans, rather than professional footballers.”

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