Everton fan who joined in a brawl against the Lyon goalkeeper admits he is “ashamed” of his actions

Everton fan


The Everton fan who joined the brawl sparked by captain Ashley Williams admitted he is “ashamed” of his actions.

The man who was holding his three-year-old child when the brawl happened was taken by police after joining Williams in shoving Lyon goalkeeper Anthony Lopes after the Toffees lost 2-1 on Thursday.

Williams only received a yellow card but the Everton fan fears that he might be that lucky.

He has now spoken about the incident as he is afraid that his ex-partner will ban him from seeing his children over the fracas as he is already been banned for life by the Merseyside club.

“I was out of the police station inside half an hour with my solicitor.

“But I’m ashamed of what I’ve done. I already know. I’m not a f***ing d***head.”

He believes though that the players were guilty of putting his child in danger. He also said that the players should be setting a good example as professional athletes.

“I put myself and my son in a dangerous position by taking my eye off the ball and getting carried forward with other fans,” he said.

“Before I knew it I was through the gate, which should have been shut. Everton should have provided adequate security.

“I knew I’d put myself in that dangerous position. It was not intentional but I’d been too concentrated on screaming abuse at the players for being sh**.

“And before I knew it I was led down there – then it was like, ‘F***ing hell, what’s going on?’ and it looks the way it looks.”

He reveals his ex-phoned “in tears” over fears social services could get involved.

“I live with my mum. I don’t know what social services want to see me for,” he added.

The fan even compared his situation with Cantona, who infamously kicked a Crystal Palace fan after being sent off at Selhurst Park in 1996.

“Cantona ran off the pitch, gave a fan a kung-fu kick in the chest and I’m the worst thing in football. Are they deluded?”

“It doesn’t look the best on video but I know what happened and what I intended to do. That’s why I’m so aggrieved.”

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