Former Newcastle United star Andy Cole admits he struggled with the fans at Tyneside

Andy Cole


Former Newcastle United star Andy Cole admitted that he had a hard time adjusting with the adorations of his fans as he scores more for the club.

Cole who is now playing for Manchester United, admitted that his popularity in Newcastle as he scored 68 goals in three seasons made his life complicated.

During a question and answer with fans for FourFourTwo this week, he revealed his feelings during his time with Newcastle and how he felt trapped.

“I enjoyed it at Newcastle, but it was difficult playing there. I was a young man and struggled to deal with the level of adoration,” Cole said.

“I just wanted to play football, go home and go out with my mates.

“When I went out, some punters would say, ‘Well done’. That was fine. Others wanted to hold court with you.

“I could be having a meal with my missus and people would come up and want to get involved in the conversation. It did my fruit in.

“I loved my football at Newcastle, but I felt trapped. And the more goals I scored, the worse it got. From the milkman to the bloke in the paper shop, everyone wanted to talk about football, football, football.”

Cole’s reaction may be true to how he is feeling but it would also look like that some Newcastle fans will not like his revelations.

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