Jose Mourinho answers questions regarding dressing room brawl against Manchester City

Jose Mourinho


Pep Guardiola launched his defence regarding Manchester City celebration in their dressing room where Jose Mourinho claimed they were disrespectful.

Mourinho went to the City dressing room to ask the winning players to keep the noise and music down and show more respect, but tempers flared with the manager questioning his opponents standards of decency.

Mourinho, on the other hand, finally answered questions regarding the post-match derby celebrations and the ugly tunnel brawl.

“He says, he says, I’m not here to comment on his words, the only thing I can say is that for me it was just a question of diversity, diversity in behaviours, diversity in education, just that and nothing more than that,” Mourinho said.

While Mourinho did not want to delve more into the incident but the brawl also triggered an investigation by the Football Association. Romelu Lukaku and Marcos Rojo were accused of having a huge role in the skirmish. However, Mourinho just wants to focus on the behaviour of City players.

Jose Mourinho


“This press conference is pre-Bournemouth, it’s not post-Manchester City, that was already done and this press conference is pre-Bournemouth,” Mourinho said. “I know, but I keep saying this is pre-Bournemouth.”

When asked about his motivation against Bournemouth he said: “As always, when you lose probably you have a little bit more desire to win it, nobody likes to lose once or lose twice, it is something that belongs to every team in the world when you lose the match the next one you have extra to give.

“The motivation is based on we want to try to win all the time and I repeat when you have a bad result we don’t want to have two bad results, we lost against Chelsea and the next match we had a little bit extra to try to win, Chelsea lost this week and for sure the next match they will have a little more to give.

“I told you that when it was [an] eight [point gap] we go match by match, try to win the match, try to get the maximum, the number of points we have, we had seven or eight less in this moment last season. We drew at home against Bournemouth so let’s try to do better.”

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