Jose Mourinho does not want to fully blame Victor Lindelof over their first lost

Manchester United finally lost their first game of the season and that is with Huddersfield Town.

Jose Mourinho


Most are insisting that a great contributor of the lost is because of Victor Lindelof who, after 10 minutes of his arrival, contributed to both Huddersfield goals.

Lindelof was completely rusty throughout his game as he just played one minute of league football before to Huddersfield.

When asked about Lindelof’s performance, Mourinho was reluctant to criticise him.

“I know you like that, I don’t know if it’s a correct word, the individualisation of the mistake and defeat,” Mourinho said.

“I think it’s very unfair, because the mistakes – him in the second goal and Mata in the first goal – they are mistakes that belong to the context. If we play an amazing game and then you lose because of an individual mistake, yes you point the finger and we lost and deservedly lost because of an individual mistake, that is not the case.

Jose Mourinho and David Wagner


“In the first-half, I was just waiting for that mistake. Was Mata and Victor, could be another one because the attitude was really poor.”

Mourinho admits that United’s Wednesday’s game at Benfica may have contributed to the performance of his players and that they failed to match the game brought in by their opponent.

“The conditions are the same for everyone, for them and us,” Mourinho stressed.

“The only thing that is different is the fact that we played a match two days ago and they didn’t but we know that for a long time and that is the difference in quality, one team plays in Champions League and another team doesn’t play.

Victor Lindelof


“So the difference in quality is compensated by the fact that one team plays more matches than the other. But that’s football and we have that for many, many years, I think they played like I like, they played with everything they have, like I like and like it has to be, they played with everything, aggression, desire, motivation, sacrifice, they played with everything, and we didn’t. So the team that deserved to win won.”

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