Jose Mourinho got into a heated argument with Manchester City players

Jose Mourinho


Manchester City were victorious in their game against Manchester United. But in the aftermath of the derby, heated exchanges took place which involved Jose Mourinho and some of City’s players.

After the game, it is understood that Mourinho was involved in a confrontation with City goalkeeper Ederson.

City were celebrating loud music in their dressing room with the corridor leading to the dressing room became very congested as players and staff made their way through it after the game.

Tensions started because of the pushing and shoving and City coach Mikel Arteta is understood to have suffered a cut to the head while Mourinho shouted at City players.

City won in their game with United 2-1 with goals from David Silva and Nicolas Otamendi. Marcus Rashford scored for the Reds.

Tensions even became bigger when United were denied a penalty appeal during the latter stages. However, Mourinho admits that City’s advantage in the title race is at a “significant distance.”

Asked if they could still fight back, he said” “I don’t know. We are going to work and fight for it. That is the only thing I say.”

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