Jose Mourinho, unhappy after Basel defeat

Jose Mourinho


Manchester United boss Jose Mourinho was disappointed after his team was unable to score against FC Basel and lose 1-0.

Mourinho was left to lament his team’s recklessness as they are in Champions League knockout stages.

United will have to avoid a record European home defeat against CSKA Moscow next month to secure their spot in the Champions League.

However, Mourinho could not help but reflect the wasted chances made by Romelu Lukaku, Anthony Martial and Marouane Fellaini as he said that they should have scored 5 goals in the first half.

Jose Mourinho vs Basel


“Halftime it should be 5-0, they didn’t have a shot, we hit the post twice, had huge percentage of the ball, we created numerous chances, the game was easy to win, you don’t score, the opponent survive and in the second half you feel they have a chance,” he said.

“I believe that with the minutes going probably my players felt we didn’t score until now, we don’t concede and we get the point and at the last minute, they score.

“Frustration starts in the first half, I was counting to my assistants: one two and three, then four and five, then Martial six, Fellaini seven, we go to halftime 0-0 and put ourselves in this situation and in the second half it would be difficult to have the same number of chances.”

Basel came to life in the second half and made their own opportunities.

“The only thing I can get from the goal is the low cross, the right back coming in front of Daley and I know that in the flash interview Daley was blaming himself, it’s totally unfair.

“I refuse that situation because we are a team in the first half we should be winning five or 6-0 and that was not Daley’s fault for sure so we put ourselves in this position.”

“The first half the attitude was good, the football was good, really diffs to blame just football, easy match to win and then you lose, great for them, they have a good chance to qualify,” Mourinho concluded.


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