Kevin De Bruyne does not believe in Paul Pogba’s karma

Paul Pogba will not be playing at Old Trafford on Sunday and will miss the match against Manchester City.

Kevin De Bruyne


Fans believe he was hit by instant karma after he wished most of City’s players suffer injuries but Kevin De Bruyne does not believe in karma after assessing Pogba’s absence.

During Pogba’s BBC interview, he clumsily suggested that he hoped key City players would get injuries so that United could claw the eight-point deficit they need to catch up with City.

The French international was sent off with a red card after treading on Hector Bellerin during their 3-1 win against Arsenal.

With Pogba out of the way, fans who were expecting a showdown between Pogba and De Bruyne will be disappointed as this will not happen.

Paul Pogba


A number of City fans labelled the United midfielder as a karmic occurrence but De Bruyne was in no mood to discuss Pogba’s comments and insists he does not want an injury on a fellow player.

“I don’t believe in that s***,” he told reporters. “I’m a very straightforward guy.

“If someone believes it is karma then okay. Everyone has their right to their opinion.

“I don’t want anyone to get injured. You want to play against the best teams and the best players.

“He can say whatever he wants. I don’t care. We just have to be focused on whatever we’re doing.”

Although City have set and reset a number of club best marks, De Bruyne insists an on-going record of 20 consecutive wins in all competitions.

“I’d prefer to be 11 points ahead than five or eight because it’s better and means we almost have a four-game advantage,” said the Belgium international, who is himself suspended for the Champions League dead rubber against Shakhtar Donetsk on Wednesday.

“It’s a good gap but doesn’t mean anything. Football goes very quick. It’s a busy two months when things can change but the way we’re going is good and we need to continue that.

“Yes [20 wins in a row is a real achievement] but it doesn’t matter if you don’t win anything at the end of the season. Nobody will care about it then.”

“If we don’t win anything at the end of the season, are you are going to talk about the 20 wins we have now? It is phenomenal but obviously, we want to win in the end.”

Although Pogba may be absent during the game against City, De Bruyne is still unsure which way the Red Devils would play.

“We’ll play the same there. We never change,” De Bruyne added. “We try to do the things that we are good at. That gives us the best chance to win.

“United are one of the biggest clubs in the country. They’re a massive team, they want to win the title.

“They spent a lot of money, like a lot of the big teams. They will be up for it and we will be up for it. Hopefully, it’ll be a good game.”

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