Manchester United out of Carabao Cup after Bristol City shockingly beat them

Bristol City will play in the semi-finals against Manchester City after shockingly beating Manchester United.

Bristol City vs Manchester United


Manchester United are the reigning holders and five-time winners of the competition so most were surprised when they were beaten by Bristol City.

Thanks to City midfielder Korey Smith who scored after only seconds remaining, Bristol have now taken United out of the picture and will face Pep Guardiola’s side in the new year.

Lee Johnson and Jose Mourinho
Jose Mourinho and Lee Johnson


“That goal will live in the memory for many generations,” Lee Johnson, Bristol City manager, said of the match-winning strike, and one that sealed the club’s first victory over United since 1978.

“It’s nights like this that we dream of. It’s Roy of the Rovers stuff. To beat Manchester United at home is incredible and I’m so proud of the players, they are a special group, and for the supporters, as it’s been a long time for a result like that, especially here. I’m chuffed to bits.”

“I didn’t know what to do. Laugh, cry, cuddle each other, no one knew. I was going to run on the pitch, then realised I couldn’t. So it was great to see him [the ball boy]. I needed to celebrate with someone.”

Lee Johnson


Bristol City will meet Manchester City at the Etihad Stadium starting January 8 and Johnson says this will be special for him as he previously leaned on the club for help to develop as a manager.

“It’s going to be a huge challenge, particularly over two legs,” he said. “But City, personally, have been fantastic with me, allowed me to visit behind the scenes, helped me with all sorts.

“When I was at Oldham, it was just around the corner, I went to see a psychology profiler subsidised by Man City, went to visit New York City as a case study.

“It’s fascinating the way they’ve done it. And to see the football they play.

“I’ve never met Pep [Guardiola] before, so that will be nice.”


Bristol City vs Manchester United
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