Michael Keane apologises to photographer after breaking a £10k worth of camera equipment

Michael Keane
Michael Keane breaks £10,000-worth of camera equipment.


While in England training, Michael Keane accidentally launched a medicine ball into a pack of photographers that broke £10,000-worth of camera equipment.

The Everton centre-back was training together with Gareth Southgate’s squad on Wednesday when he sent the ball into the air and landed beside a group of photographers on the side of the park.

Michael Keane


Keane hit one of the photographers, Olly Greenwood from AFP and smashed his lens in the process.

The centre-back was extremely apologetic while Marcus Rashford held his head in his hands in disbelief.

The FA helped the cameraman to get up and insisted that they would pay his damaged lens.

“The balls were flying around and as Michael threw his high, he realised it was going too far,” one witness said.

“He shouted, ‘Heads, heads, heads’. It smashed into the equipment. The guy seemed shocked.

“Michael came straight over. It was an unfortunate accident. It was good of him to seek out the photographer to make sure he was OK.”

The group was preparing for their upcoming qualifier against Slovenia on Tuesday. If the group wins, this would guarantee them a place at World Cup 2018.

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