Newcastle boss Rafa Benitez aiming to get two players this transfer window

Rafa Benitez


Newcastle United may still be up for sale but that will not stop Rafa Benitez from getting two more additional players in the coming January transfer window.

The former Liverpool boss is used to spending more money than he has been given by owner Mike Ashley and if a sale goes through, Benitez can spend more like how he did when he was at Liverpool and Napoli.

“The first thing you are looking for is good players. Then you put a list of good players and after you put the prices. So we are looking for good players. Then if we cannot come here, OK, we will come here. But still, we have a list.

“I have told the scouts to just look for good players and after we will decide where we are. It is too early, but we have to have the names. One side or the other side (of a takeover happening), we have to have the names. They have to do that.”

Newcastle may have an influx of talent and they need players at several positions which includes a striker and left back with the upcoming owner, Benitez may have the leverage of getting who he wants although the manager admits that some names are impossible because of the club’s status outside of Europa or Champions League.

Benitez is also rumoured to moving to Everton but promised that he remains focused on Newcastle.


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