Pep Guardiola insists Manchester City celebrated derby win the right way

Pep Guardiola


Manchester City players celebrated their derby day win over Manchester United and things turned sour after Jose Mourinho stormed them.

Pep Guardiola speaks about the derby day fracas for the first time during his pre-Swansea press conference on Tuesday.

Mourinho allegedly stormed into the City dressing room complaining about loud music, which he felt was disrespectful.

Pep Guardiola and Jose Mourinho


Reports of the United boss and City goalkeeper Ederson having a row before a ruckus took place.

Bottles were thrown, with one hitting Mikel Arteta.

“Everybody fought hard to win. We could have scored more goals,” Guardiola said in his first press address since reports of the incident came to light.

“After the game we celebrated with the fans and went to the changing room and celebrated the win.

“We try to celebrate, because when we lose we try to accept the defeat, but when we win we celebrate.

“We won a derby, what do people expect we don’t celebrate?

“When United win they celebrate, when Arsenal win against United they celebrate, when Arsenal win the FA Cup last season they celebrate, but where? Inside the dressing room.

“We celebrate in the right moments, for example we celebrated in Napoli, you have to do that, but inside [the dressing room].

“I am the guy who encouraged them to do that, but inside, and after what happened, it happened, hopefully it will not happen again.”

On the main clash between players and staff, Guardiola added: “No details, I’m not going to comment about that.”

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