Ronald Koeman says he is confident with his team

Ronald Koeman


While Ronald Koeman admits that Everton are experiencing a “tough period” he says that he has the most valuable tool in his squad, and that is his connection with his players.

The Toffees just had a very comfortable win in Wednesday’s game against Sunderland for the Carabao Cup and they are aiming to do great when they host Bournemouth on Saturday.

“You always have tough periods as a manager,” said Koeman.

“In football, you win today, then lose a few games… things change so fast.

“We had a difficult period at Southampton – and then a difficult period here last season. Tell me one manager who has never had a tough period?

“Every season, we have one. Now let’s hope that is behind us and we can move forward.

“But even when you have a negative period, it is a learning point… even bad experiences can be good for the future.

“The most important thing for every manager is the connection with the players. If you still feel you have that good connection with the players and they are committed, that is the key point. I have that.”

Everton’s games with Manchester United, Man City, Chelsea and Tottenham were most difficult as the four-match only yielded one point for them. Koeman, however, retained that he believes the capabilities of his team and that they are determined to swiftly steer the season back on course.

Everton training

“I also feel a good connection with the board,” said Koeman. “We speak about football, I speak to Steve Walsh about football and about the team.

“Everybody knows about the difficult start to the season but it is football and you need to win. That is the same for all managers.

“When we knew the fixtures, we knew it would be really difficult. But I am still really confident in the team because we were good enough against City and Manchester United, but against Tottenham and Chelsea, our opponents were really the better team.

“But it is all about now – and we will see what happens.”


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