Ronald Koeman Still Happy Despite 4 Losses

Everton manager still has full confidence in his squad.

Ronald Koeman
Ronald Koeman still has high hopes for his squad.

Everton manager Ronald Koeman is still happy with his squad despite their four straight losses in the Premier League. Apparently, he still has full confidence in his team.

Koeman said, “From what I saw today from the team it made me happy. More happy than Thursday.

“We are still afraid. We dropped too much back.

“Sometimes you get more than you deserve. We made a big mistake at 1-0 and after that it was over.

“We grew in the game and in confidence and not many teams will get two big chances like we got today. We didn’t score the goal and after a personal mistake it was 2-0.”

Finally, the coach also emphasized that his team needs to believe in themselves as well.

“It wasn’t about ambition, it was about confidence.”

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