Steven Gerrard addresses Liverpool fans not to panic and insists they will be back

Steven Gerrard


Liverpool fans are a bit panicking these days as their team are now placed seventh in the Premier League after just winning three of their seven matches.

Steven Gerrard says it is too early to judge them and that they will be back in the top four despite their poor start.

“We’re seven games into a Premier League campaign – it’s no time to panic,” said the Reds legend, who is now the club’s Under-18s coach.

“We’ve got a wonderful manager and coaching staff that are looking after these players.

“I think everything is fine. I’m not one that jumps on the bandwagon and listens to criticism after seven games. I used to judge myself and the team I was playing in at least 10 or 15 games into the season.

“So let’s see where we are then. I’ve got every confidence we’ll be in the top four and everything will be a little happier than it is at the moment.

“It only takes one big win and one big performance, where you blow someone away, and then you’re back on the right track. Liverpool are very capable.”

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