Jurgen Klopp refused to accept Liverpool’s place in the quarter-finals

Jurgen Klopp


Jurgen Klopp refused to accept that Liverpool have one foot in Champions League quarter finals despite their great win against FC Porto 5-0.

Liverpool dominated their game against FC Porto in Portugal and effectively killed a possible tie ahead of their game with them again at Anfield on March 6.

Klopp will be able to rest some of his key players four days before an important game against Manchester United at Old Trafford.

Klopp also insisted that they will not go easy on Porto when asked if the last 16 tie was over/

“No, of course not. Why should I think that.”

“We came here to create the basis for the second game at Anfield, no more no less.

“I’ve said many times I’m too long in the business to think anything is sorted before the final whistle is done.

“We owe our supporters at Anfield a 100% performance and that’s what we want to deliver. That’s all.”

Can Liverpool progress in the knockout stages of the Champions League

Jurgen Klopp


Liverpool will walk out at FC Porto’s Estadio do Dragao next Wednesday and this will be the first time in nine years that they have been involved in the knockout stages of the Champions League.

But can they handle it? Jamie Carragher shares his insights about the long wait and he only has positive things to say about Jurgen Klopp’s side.

Jamie Carragher

“It has been too long,” Carragher said.

“Over the years when I was playing maybe we took it for granted getting to the knockout stages of the Champions League.

“Now only when you’ve been away for so long, you appreciate how big a thing it is.

“Hopefully the manager and the lads can help us keep moving forward and get through that Porto tie.

“Then you’ve got the excitement of the draw and it keeps the season going in terms of a trophy still being up for grabs.”

“Yes, Liverpool are big outsiders this season,” Carragher said.

“But this team is better than the Liverpool team I played in that won the Champions League in 2005.



“It will be tough against Porto but it’s a winnable tie and if we get through that who knows what could happen.

“With all the talk about getting into the top four and qualifying for the Champions League for next season, we shouldn’t forget that we’re still in the competition this season.

“I’m going over to Portugal myself next week and hopefully we can get a good result and see where it takes us.”

“I never moved clubs so I don’t know what it’s like to go back somewhere, but I don’t think it’s nice when a whole crowd turns on you,” Carragher said.

“Their fans have got that many options it won’t just be one they’re targeting! Lovren gets stick down there so Van Dijk won’t be alone and I’m sure he can handle it.

“Southampton are down there but I think player wise they have probably got the best team out of the clubs that are down there.

“They still play some really good football. Tottenham only got a draw there a few weeks ago.

“With Arsenal playing Tottenham this weekend, one of those clubs is going to drop points and Liverpool have to capitalise by getting a win.”

“It’s very tight. Liverpool have had a couple of opportunities to create a gap of four or five points and they haven’t taken them,” Carragher said.

“The worry is that Tottenham in recent years have had a great second half of the season. Being out of the FA Cup, even though you don’t like it, that could be a help for Liverpool.

“We’ve still got to go to Goodison, Old Trafford and Chelsea but I still fancy us to get top four. If Liverpool achieve that if will have been a great job by Jurgen Klopp to get Champions League football two years running.”

How long will does Jurgen Klopp have until Liverpool supporters gives him criticism

Jurgen Klopp


Gary Neville and Jamie Carragher offer their assessment on Jurgen Klopp’s trophyless tenure and when he would receive criticism from Liverpool supporters.

Gary Neville directed the question to former Reds defender Jamie Carragher on a special edition of “The Debate” on Thursday.

Klopp’s two-year reign has no doubt improved the club but the Merseysiders have not lift silverware under the German boss.

Carragher believes that the pressure on Klopp will begin after 12 months if he remains empty-handed.

“With Jurgen Klopp I think there will be pressure this time next year depending on where Liverpool are,” he said. “But if he gets Champions League football this season I think it’s a very good season for Liverpool.

“You can talk about trophies and winning the Premier League, but Liverpool have got to get back to being a Champions League club.

“Liverpool have been in the Champions League twice in 10 years, and the only reason they got back in it was because they didn’t have European football that season.

“So if Klopp can get in it again this season, on the back of having had European football and how competitive the Premier League is now, that’s an achievement.

“Klopp is up against Jose Mourinho, who had Premier League experience when he went to Manchester United, Arsene Wenger, who has been here for 20 years and Mauricio Pochettino who was in the Premier League before.

“So if he can secure Champions League football in his first two full seasons will be really good job. But, of course, he has to take it further and go and win trophies.

“I’ve criticised Wenger for being in the top four for so long and not taking the next step to the league or the Champions League.

“If Klopp is still getting in the top four in four or five years’ time but is no closer to the title or the Champions League, that won’t be good enough.

“But right now, if he can turn Liverpool into a team that play in the Champions League year in, year out, along with picking up trophies, Liverpool fans will be more than happy.”


Jurgen Klopp apologised after fan confrontation

Jurgen Klopp apologised for an altercation with a Swansea City fan during Liverpool's shocking defeat on Monday.

Jurgen Klopp press conference


Klopp’s team had their 14-game unbeaten Premier League run to an end with their 1-0 defeat at the Liberty Stadium on Monday.

The German boss said he had reacted to a fan who was goading him during the clash.

“He was shouting at me all the time,” Klopp said.

“Sorry, I reacted one time, I remind myself I am a human being and not a professional manager who takes that all the time and they can say whatever they want.

“At one point, I said ‘please’. I had not a recorder like you so nobody taped it, nobody could hear what he said. That’s fine. That’s how it is. I have no problem with that.

“I just had one moment where I thought ‘now, that’s enough’. I’m not sure if we were already 1-0 down, I think we were, but it had nothing to do with it, but only enough.”

Liverpool are now fourth in the table, three points behind Chelsea.

Klopp acknowledges that his reaction with the fan was nothing bad, but should still not have reacted.

“I’m sure I’m not the first manager. I think he’s a season-ticket holder,” he said.

“It’s my fault as well; I shouldn’t have reacted. But I didn’t say anything bad, only that I showed I wasn’t too happy by what he was saying all the time.”

Liverpool trying to get a deal for Naby Keita

Naby Keita


Liverpool are keen on finding a replacement for Philippe Coutinho since the playmaker has finally secured his move to Barcelona.

Recent reports are indicating that Jurgen Klopp wants to sign Naby Keita this month since Coutinho made an earlier exit.

The Reds have already made a deal with RB Leipzig to let the Guinean remain in Germany for the rest of the 201-18 campaign and then will move to Merseyside in the summer.

Klopp is now reportedly attempting to convince Leipzig to let Keita move to England in January as they will need a replacement really soon.

While Keita will become a Liverpool player on July 1, Leipzig insists that their player will remain on their side for this season as they seek Champions League qualification.

“There is nothing new about this situation and so that speculation is not true,” a Leipzig coach Ralph Hasenhuttl said.

Nothing has changed and our position hasn’t changed from before regarding this transfer.”

If Liverpool do insist on getting Keita early, they would need to pay an additional fee which Leipzig are not interested at the moment.

Klopp may need to find to look elsewhere and not on Naby Keita this January even if the manager really needs him at this time.


Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp answers questions over his favourite cake from a gatecrasher

Jurgen Klopp post match interview
Jurgen Klopp answers questions about his favourite cake.


Following Liverpool’s victory over Manchester City at Anfield, Jurgen Klopp answers questions on his post match interview. But one question surprised him most and that is his favourite cake.

Jurgen Klopp was in a very great mood when he came to his post match interview but did not expect a bizarre question in his press conference.

Klopp had been answering normal questions regarding his 4-3 victory at Anfield when the interloper asked him a question.

“Jurgen, what is your favourite cake?”

The German boss was surprised and took the interruption in good humour, saying: “That is an interesting question – strawberry cake.”

The gatecrasher followed his questions about his opinions regarding Cherry Bakewell and Manchester Tart which confused Klopp.

Liverpool’s press officer quickly invited a journalist to ask a question and the gatecrasher was escorted out from the room by stewards.



Jurgen Klopp says Arsene Wenger waisted Oxlade-Chamberlain

Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain


Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain joined Liverpool in August after Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger decided to cash on him before his contract expired.

Now, Jurgen Klopp decided to speak up about Oxlade-Chamberlain although this may make Wenger mad at him.

According to the Liverpool boss, Oxlade-Chamberlain never quite lived up to his early promise at Arsenal because he was not instructed well.

Although Klopp has been impressed with the 24-year-old’s game but admitted that he needs more time to adapt.

“He had to adapt. I know how it is if you’re kind of a big signing.

“You have to perform immediately. But it’s difficult.

“I was happy from the first day about his involvement, about his attitude, and since then he became more and more a Liverpool player.”

“I think the biggest improvement, or the biggest potential he still has, is really being involved in goalscoring situations because he has it in himself,” Klopp said.

“It is unbelievable, but he was not asked for this too much I think in the past.

“If you watched Arsenal in the past, the two decisive players were Sanchez and Ozil.

“In a lot of moments, the decisive passes, Ozil or Sanchez. Then you are not that much involved.

“Here, we put it on much more shoulders, and if he’s on the pitch he needs to be involved in situations like this.

“I see really a lot of space for improvement as well, and that’s good.”


Liverpool striker Daniel Sturridge may move abroad in January

 Liverpool striker Daniel Sturridge is willing to move abroad as he wants to play more regularly.

Daniel Sturridge


Sturridge, who had a slight hamstring injury, has been declared by Jurgen Klopp to be in his best physical condition since the German took charge at Anfield.

However, Sturridge has not played regularly for Klopp although he has been regarded as the best natural finisher for the club as Klopp preferred the go-to man in attacks have been Roberto Firmino and Dominic Solanke.

While staff at Liverpool also recognised that he needs more games to develop his rhythm again but unfortunately Klopp seems to not trust him to do so.

The 28-year-old also wants to play at England’s World Cup squad but if he stays at Anfield, this would not be possible.

Liverpool and Klopp also acknowledged that Sturridge should be playing and are also reluctant to sell given his quality. They also want a considerable fee for the player and other clubs such as Valencia and Betis are hoping they could get him first on a loan deal.

Jurgen Klopp does not doubt Everton’s quality ahead of match

Jurgen Klopp


While most are anticipating the upcoming match of the Manchester clubs, there is still the lingering matter of the game between Liverpool and Everton.

Liverpool have not lost against Everton in their last 13 matches but Jurgen Klopp says he does not want to underestimate their city rivals.

“No doubt about their quality. If Everton are not top six it is usually a top seven team. It’s a fantastic club. They have gained confidence and scored the goal of the season with Wayne [Rooney, against West Ham].

Klopp also described the new Everton boss Sam Allardyce as one of the most experienced managers in the Premier Leauge.

“I’ve only been here two years and have played him in three different clubs,” he said. “You know what you will get but it doesn’t make it easier. All Allardyce teams are difficult to play.”

Jurgen Klopp is still the best option for Liverpool

Jurgen Klopp


Jurgen Klopp has been questioned many times this season but John Barnes believes that he is still the man for the job.

The former favourite at Anfield believes the Klopp remains the most qualified manager for Liverpool despite being questioned by his side struggling to keep clean sheets.

Barnes thinks that Klopp is as good as the top managers in Premier League which includes Manchester City boss Pep Guardiola at maximising the potential of his players.

 John Barnes


“All you can ask any manager to do, and I’ve always said this, is to maximise the potential of the team. That’s all he can do, he can’t do anything more.

“I think he has maximised the potential of Liverpool’s team because maximising the potential of the team Liverpool have should mean they can finish, in my opinion, fourth or fifth.

“Klopp is doing the best he can with what he has at his disposal as well as any other manager in the world could do.

“If Guardiola was at Liverpool with these players – I’m not saying they’re bad players, they are good players but of course Man City have better players – he wouldn’t be able to do necessarily anything better than Jurgen Klopp.

“He may have done it in a different way but I don’t think he would be able to do what he’s doing in Manchester City.

“The fact we are four points off second place means that he’s not doing a bad job.

“Now, we can do better defensively and be more consistent obviously when we get other players and when he works with the players that he wants but in terms of saying we should be higher up in the league at this particular point, I don’t agree with that.

“In the future, if he gets the players he wants like he did at Borussia Dortmund, he will make a bigger challenge. So I think he will be competitive enough to win the league but we can never tell if he will ever win it.”