Leicester City hit Riyad Mahrez with £240,000 fine after failed move to Manchester City

 Riyad Mahrez still on Leicester strike
Riyad Mahrez still on Leicester strike


Leicester City have fined Riyad Mahrez for his two-week absence after his club failed to move him to Manchester City.

Mahrez will get a fine of £240,000 which is worth two weeks of wages as he was also absent for two weeks from the club.

Mahrez has been extending his strike and has been reported to be spending time with family and close friends in Algeria.

Because of the situation, the big bosses of the club has decided to hit the pocket of the 26-year-old with two weeks of wages.

Claude Puel press conference


In a press conference with Claude Puel yesterday, he was unable to confirm or deny whether he has already spoken with Mahrez and if he knew where he was.

The Frenchman also did not get a date on when the player would return but said that he will not be involved in tomorrow’s night game against Manchester City where he failed to sign on deadline day.

“I hope Riyad can get his head right and come back with us, to hard work,” said Puel.

“Riyad is a magnificent player, he loves football, he loves his relationship with his friends, his team-mates. He enjoys his football.

Riyad Mahrez


“I think he needs to come back to play, to touch the ball. It’s important.

“I hope he can come back and work hard with the team sooner rather than later.

“We will see. I don’t want to give details about our relationship. It is important that remains inside the club.”

Mahrez also submitted a written transfer request on Tuesday to force Leicester to move him to Man City.

The club demanded £80 million for Mahrez which Man City denied paying. Talks between Mahrez’s representatives and Leicester are still ongoing and the club are hopeful that he will return soon.


Liverpool and Arsenal may need to bid £100m to sign Leicester Riyad Mahrez

Riyad Mahrez


Liverpool and Arsenal are both in need to find good replacements for their player Philippe Coutinho and Alexis Sanchez who are due to transfer to other clubs this January.

They may get one from Leicester though and that is with Riyad Mahrez. But boss Claude Puel says that if they want to nab the Algerian international, they have to bid at around £100 million.

Mahrez has been tipped as an ideal replacement for both clubs as he was able to score seven goals and seven assists in just 22 Premier League starts.

“It is speculation and we cannot respond to all the speculation with information,” Puel said.

“Perhaps, in the summer he will cost even more than £100m.

“It is always the same thing about Riyad. It is just rumours, noise about him and other players.

‘We can see Riyad smiling and enjoying his football and enjoying playing with his team-mates and it is the same in training.

“After the training session, he continues to play head tennis, and I want him to get more rest.

“All the rumours and speculation about Riyad, do the reporters want him to leave the club?”


Michael Owen is not convinced Riyad Mahrez could be a good candidate to replace Liverpool Philippe Coutinho

Michael Owen


Now that Coutinho has finalized his long-awaited switch to Barcelona, Jurgen Klopp has to find a good replacement this January or else he would have a gaping hole in Liverpool’s attack.

Klopp needs to bring in a world-class attacker to fill the void and Thomas Lemar from Monaco or Riyad Mahrez could be a possible option.

However, Owen, who has been with Liverpool for 13 years is not convinced that Mahrez could fit well into Klopp’s frontline.

 Riyad Mahrez


“Liverpool begin life without Philippe Coutinho in what promises to be one of the games of the season,” he said.

“I was asked this week if I thought Riyad Mahrez, who has been linked with a move to Anfield, would be the ideal replacement for Coutinho but I couldn’t agree.

“As good a player as Mahrez is, he might not possess the pace or work ethic that Jurgen Klopp might be looking for and I wonder where he would fit into the starting XI – certainly not instead of the brilliant Mo Salah on the right side of the front three.”

“Liverpool will be looking for revenge after their 5-0 defeat at the Etihad earlier in the season, but make no mistake they were every bit as good as City until Sadio Mane was red-carded at 1-0,” Owen added.

“It should be a cracker with plenty of chances and goals played in a white-hot Anfield atmosphere – I cannot wait.”


Riyad Mahrez should leave Leicester quickly

Riyad Mahrez


While Leicester City won the Premier League title in 2016, the stability of the club this time around is now in question.

Manager Craig Shakespeare has been sacked which would make Riyad Mahrez work for his fourth manager in three years.

Mahrez who has been the 2016 player of the season may have to check his future as he needs to get himself out of the King Power Stadium as quickly as possible.

The Foxe has to be very careful as to who to choose next with most saying that appointing Shakespeare was a bad move from the start.

Mahrez is in danger of wasting most of his good years if he stays with Leicester although he tried to move away from the club last summer. However, Leicester rejected all bids for the playmaker.

Riyad Mahrez


With the January window coming, Mahrez needs to double his effort in moving probably to Arsenal as he would be a good addition for Arsene Wenger.

The 26-year-old’s heart is not with Leicester anymore as it is clear with his weak performance. He had also asked to leave before the season started but he was persuaded to stay for the Foxes’ Champions league campaign.

And while he is still a great asset for Leicester, he just needs to move away from the club and find a better one where his future will be guaranteed.

Mahrez is actually a complete package with his ability to score goals, and play in a number of positions, any club who is better than Leicester at the moment can take him.

Arsenal also need to bring a creative new talent to add to the squad since Mesut Ozil and Alexis Sanchez are exiting in January, Mahrez can fit perfectly.

Arsenal and Tottenham are in a battle to take Riyad Mahrez in January

Riyad Mahrez


It looks like Arsenal and Tottenham are busy to battle it out for Riyad Mahrez from Leicester City.

Arsenal’s Alexis Sanchez will probably sign with Manchester City for £20 million in January which will leave the Gunners the need for a new striker.

Monaco’s Thomas Lemar and PSG’s Julian Draxler have been linked with Arsenal, but it looks like the club are interested with Mahrez.

While the possible move for Mahrez may go well, but recent reports are also indicating that the Spurs are now interested in the 26-year-old.

Spurs are willing to pay £30 million for the Algeria international and Leicester are willing to pay for the right price.

The winger still has three years left on his contract with the Foxes, but it looks like that he will not stay with them for long.


Riyad Mahrez is ready to start against Arsenal despite a bid from Roma

Leicester and Arsenal will battle it out on Friday and Riyad Mahrez is ready to start against Arsenal despite the Algerian wanting out.

Craig Shakespeare said that Leicester star Mahrez is very focused and has not given the team and him problems since return from the squad.

“I wouldn’t have any qualms to start him against Arsenal,” said Shakespeare. “I can only speak on how I’ve found him so far since he’s come back.

“He’s been very focused and hasn’t given me one problem where I’ve had to take him to one side and say, “Oi, pull your finger out.”

“Until we a get a bid that’s suitable for Leicester then he stays, and if he stays focused then he’ll be considered for selection.”

Leicester rebuffed the £32 million offer made by Roma for Mahrez but it still looks like that Roma have not yet given up. Chelsea are also looking at the situation and may also give a bid if Roma still do not succeed.

Shakespeare admitted that he is not sure whether Mahrez would still be a Leicester player beyond the transfer deadline. However, he informed the player that if the former PFA Player of the Year begins to create a problem within the squad then he would be sent to train with the youth team.

“If he doesn’t stay professional then he won’t train with the group,’ Shakespeare added. ‘We’ve spoken a couple of times now over last couple weeks – little reminders.”

Leicester valued Mahrez at £50 million which Roma and Chelsea are not comfortable with.

Riyad Mahrez will move only for a top six club

Arsenal and Roma are both interested in Leicester’s Riyad Mahrez and confirmed that he would only consider moving for a “top six club.”

Leicester City manager Craig Shakespeare confirmed that the Algeria international has made it clear that he wanted his club and find better pasture this summer. However, Shakespeare also made it clear that the only way for Mahrez to have a serious transfer is if they meet their asking price.

Leicester’s valuation for Mahrez is €40m. Roma approached them with a bid of £20m which was denied. Arsenal also admitted that they are also interested, but they are not prioritizing him at the moment as they are still busy with Thomas Lemar.

Shakespeare also made it clear what future would Mahrez have if he doesn’t get transferred.

“He wants to play for a top six club,” Shakespeare said.

“If we don’t get an offer from a top six club, he stays. If that offer comes in and it’s not enough, he stays. It is quite clear for me at the moment, he has made that statement but he is our player.

“I picked him for 60 minutes, he performed. Is it doing my head in?

“It’s part and parcel of the transfer window. If you let it, it can affect you. But my job is to make sure the players are focused on every training session and every game.”

Arsenal and Roma have until August 11 to provide Arsenal with a good number as they do not want to wait much longer if they would be able to get a deal for Mahrez. If the bidding does not go according to plan Mahrez will still play for them.

Riyad Mahrez may be good for Arsenal instead of Thomas Lemar

It is clear that Arsenal want Thomas Lemar, however, it is unlikely that a deal may be done this summer.

Arsenal are still reluctant to pay more for the France international which may end for them to look elsewhere.

If Arsenal are still looking for a good replacement for Lemar, they could consider getting Riyad Mahrez although Roma are also interested in getting the Leicester star.

The Gunners were also linked with a move with Mahrez however, he signed with the King Power Stadium instead.

Since Arsenal still need to bolster their attacking ranks may need to throw a spanner to make this work especially that Roma are prepared to give him an offer.


Riyad Mahrez still Hoping Arsenal to Honour Verbal Agreement to Sign him 

Riyad Mahrez has already made his announcement of wanting to move to Arsenal and leave Leicester last summer. The player was even hoping that Wenger would honour their verbal agreement which would allow Arsenal to transfer him during this year’s summer window.

All seems possible with Wenger saying, “Have we made a bid for him? No. Not yet. Not yet means it could happen, it could not happen. I think he had a huge impact at Leicester when they won the championship, like everybody else.”

“It’s been a different season this year but it doesn’t take anything away from his qualities,” he ended.

While Wenger possible fueled speculations about Mahrez transfer to Arsenal but it looks like that there is no movement in the offering. Leicester placed a very large transfer fee on him and he is not happy about it.

Wenger also appears to have more interest in signing Thomas Lemar who is five years younger than him and is available for the same price. If Arsenal signs Lemar, then this would mean that Mahrez will still with Leicester.

“He has to be professional. We have to be professional with him but, more importantly, he has to be committed and I think he has to show supporters, staff and players that,” Foxes manager Craig Shakespeare said. “If he’s selected, he has to perform and if he doesn’t show commitment he won’t play. He’s got a contract with us so he has to understand that.”



Leicester City Boss Craig Shakespeare Disappointed by Riyad Mahrez

Leicester City manager Craig Shakespeare announced that Riyad Mahrez wants to leave the club. However, there have been no bids for the 26-year-old winger.

Shakespeare admitted that Mahrez intentions to leave disappointed him as he went on public last May about his intentions to leave the former Premier League champions.

While there have been talks that Mahrez is moving to Arsenal, but Shakespeare clearly admitted that no clubs have shown interest so far.

In his recent interview, Leicester City boss said, “I’m not worried. Can it be disappointing when a player comes out publically? Yes.”

“I think we have to look what is behind that as well, in terms of advice. We have to understand Riyad’s concerns but while he is contracted to the football club, and while we’ve had no bids for him, which we haven’t, he has to be professional and we have to be professional.

“He has to be fully committed here and I expect him to do that.”

When asked if a bid comes to happen and how much Mahrez value would be, the manager simply said that they have not thought about that yet. If the bid comes, then they would think about it.