Sadio Mane says he is back on track after his roller-coaster campaign

Sadio Mane


Sadio Mane admits that he has suffered a roller-coaster campaign after being punished in a one-on-one clash with goalkeeper Ederson in their 5-0 defeat to Manchester City in September.

After his three-match suspension, Mane received a hamstring injury and looked short of confidence for several weeks.

When asked whether his red card affected him, “Yeah, it was not my wish but it happened.”

“It was tough on me but it is part of football and can happen. I never doubted how I could help the team and I never stopped working hard every day in training.

“I always tried to remain balanced, even when it was not working, because it is my job and I have to do it.

“I don’t know how to describe it but it can happen to every single player and in my mind I was relaxed that it will change.”

Sadio Mane opens up about watching game against Chelsea from the bench

Sadio Mane


Liverpool forward Sadio Mane did not play against Chelsea and just watched from the bench as the squad played one of the most important games of the season.

Sadio Mane opened up after the game and insisted that he and Jurgen Klopp are still alright despite reports that the Senegal international was annoyed to have been left out of the game.

“It was not easy for me,” he told reporters. “It was a difficult moment, but it’s part of football and it can happen. It’s important for me to come back now. I’m feeling very well.”

Mane was caught on camera gesticulating with Klopp after the final whistle, which left for some to suggest that they were arguing.

However, Mane denied those assumptions and explained that the two were not just able to communicate well.

“He Klopp asked me to play on the right side and one time I tried to ask for the ball in the number nine position,” said Mane. “Mo [Salah] was on my side and the coach was shouting ‘Sadio come onto the right side’.

“After the game I told the coach it was easier if you told Mo to come in because he was close to you, but it was friendly, it was not because I was unhappy or something else. There was no problem, I was just communicating and explaining that to him after the game.”

When asked if he is fully recovered and if the decision to leave him out of the Chelsea game had something to do with his fitness, Sadio Mane said: “I’m completely recovered, yes.”

“I’ve been fine for around a month and that’s why I’ve been in training with the team and playing games.”


Liverpool’s Sadio Mane will be out for six weeks

Sadio Mane


Liverpool have ruled out Sadio Mane for six weeks because of a hamstring injury and it is likely that he will miss out some big matches because of his injury.

Sadio Mane’s injury comes in a very bad timing as Liverpool enter a very difficult period in the season.

Mane has been a crucial player for the club after giving 25 Premier League goals since his Red debut.

Although the injury comes at the start of the season, it still looks like that he will miss out important matches that may determine the fate of the club.

Liverpool will play against Manchester United on Saturday and this will be a very important game since United are now on top together with Manchester City.

Sadio Mane


Having failed to win three of their last four matches, Liverpool will need to score goals against United.

Liverpool and United always have a good rivalry against each other but Jose Mourinho’s men have been a standout this season as they score 19 goals and conceding just two from their seven matches.

Mane’s presence during their Saturday match could improve Liverpool’s chances.

Jurgen Klopp faces his pre-season battle to hold on to Sadio Mane and Philippe Coutinho

Liverpool has a good battle ahead of them as they fend off clubs that are interested in their valuable assets, Sadio Mane and Philippe Coutinho.

Inter Milan have already launched a £35 million bid for Mane while Barcelona still not giving up despite their second bid worth of £72 million have been rejected.

Inter Milan have been keen on signing Mane for some time and now they are ready to make a move for the Senegal star.

Mane was transferred from Southampton last summer and cost £34 million. He is an integral part of Klopp’s plans of getting the Premier League title this season.

With regards to Philippe Coutinho, Klopp made it very clear that the midfielder with not leave although news in Spain has said that the deal was already done.

Klopp answered the news regarding Coutinho during his press conference ahead of the Audi Cup which he emphasized that he will not change his position and will not transfer his player this summer.


Jurgen Klopp happy with Sadio Mane’s Progress but Liverpool ruled him out of HK trip

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp is contended with Sadio Mane’s progress and is reported to be returning a full fitness following a knee injury that made him miss the 2016-17 in April.

The Senegal international has returned pre-training with the first team and has been seen running with them. However, he will not be joining the Premier League Asia Trophy and the team’s game against Crystal Palace coming on Wednesday.

“He is really, really good,” Klopp said regarding the 25-year-old. “He is close; he is closing on coming back to team training,” the German told the club’s website.

“In this moment, we think it will be when we are in Asia, so then it makes no sense to take him to Asia because he needs to then do the first steps in kind of team training.

“We will see how we can do it; maybe [some of] the under-23s will be here, so when he can start this [training] then we can use this opportunity, but we have to wait.

“On Tuesday morning he was part of the running, so he is first-team training if you want and that looked really good. I think he is getting better, but it is how it is after a long time – you need to build a little bit of muscle again in the quad and thigh, which is important.

“There is no risk with him because he is a naturally fit boy and in the moment when he can start to be a real part of the sessions, he will then immediately be fit again.

“We have not all the time in the world, but we have time and we will use it.”