The Arsenal football club was given life when exiled Scotsman David Danskin planned to form a football team with his colleagues from Woolwich Arsenal.

The team was formed in the year 1886 by a group of workers from Woolwich armaments located in south London, the club was formerly named Dial Square. In 1891 the club became a professional football club and was named Royal Arsenal which later was changed to Woolwich Arsenal. As time pass by the name of the club was changed again to Arsenal Football Club. The name lasted for a long period of time but it still wasn’t the official name of the team.

In 1893 the team was elected at the 2nd division of the Football League and eventually gained the 1st Division in 1904. For the past nine years, the team has survived in the first division with high points during the semi-final of the FA Cup, while in 1909 the team ranked 6th place in the league.

However, in 1913 a relegation happened which coincided with the major landmark in the team’s history. For the past 27 years, the team stayed at Plumstead, South London and now they are currently residing in their present site at Arsenal Stadium, Highbury North London. The move was initiated by the club’s chairman which is Sir Henry Norris. He saw greater potential for the whole club in the North London catchment area.

Promotion Back to the 1st division was initiated by the amazing Sir Henry while the Football League resumed in 1919 and the team was never relegated then. The team was holding the record for unbroken tenure in the high divisions of English Football. However, the incident remains an issue among local rivals.

In the following seasons, the team maintained a mediocre standard fit for the remaining 1st division, but still it is insufficient to progress. However, after promisingly avoiding any relegation in 1952 the team encountered a new turning point for Arsenal. Herbert Chapman, a legendary team manager fresh from guiding Huddersfield to the first 2 of their 3 successive titles was selected to be the team manager for the Arsenal .During his leadership for 9 years, the team transformed Arsenal from a plain first division club into one of the greatest football team in the world.

The optimistic club chairman Herbert Chapman reclaimed the honour for the whole team. During his years the team progressed coming 2nd in the league in 1926 and has reached the Cup Final in 1927. The team dominated the entire world of football in the said years. They got their first major trophy in 1930 and was the first league champions in 1931.

An interruption exuded during the World War 2. The team was then handled by Tom Whittaker, the team once again reigned for years with 2 more titles from an FA Cup in 1950 and was a runner-up in the FA Cup.

Today, the Arsenal Football Club continued to perform with outstanding results, however, this time felts short losing unluckily in the FA Cup semi-final extra time to Manchester United, they have missed the title to the same deadly rivals with just one point.