Swansea City

A Welsh football club competing in the Premier League is the Swansea City AFC, the club was founded in 1912 and is based in Swansea Wales. The club represents England in the European games, however, before the club represents Wales. The club was named as Swansea Town upon its inception in 1912, in the same year, the club joined Football League. In 1969, the club’s name was changed to Swansea City the name was changed apparently to reflect the new image of Swansea as a city. When the club was founded they usually played at the Vetch Field and later in 2005 they transferred and played their home games at the Liberty Stadium.

The club was advanced in the Football League First Division in 1981. However, a decline at the season’s end was set right before the team almost won the league title instead they placed sixth. Afterward, the club was relegated in the next season. A few seasons later the club returned and competed at the Football League Fourth Division, this time they were very cautious not to be relegated to the Football Conference in 2003.

Swansea City was promoted to the 2011 Premier League, the club also defeated Bradford City with a score of 5-0 dated February 2013 winning the Football League Cup of 2012-2013. This achievement of the club qualified them for the UEFA Europa League in 2013-14.