Tottenham Hotspur star Dele Alli discusses new proposed contract with possible increased pay

Dele Alli


Dele Alli is ready to talk with Tottenham Hotspur over his proposed new contract but reports that the player will be tested since the club have a rigid pay structure, and Alli will have to insist on becoming the club’s top earner.

Harry Kane, who is considered their top player is currently earning £100,000 per week and Alli is asking £50,000 per week.

It is very known that Tottenham have a stringent wage policy and players such as Kane can earn double or triple his weekly salary in a different club.

It remains to be seen whether Tottenham would be willing to pay Alli the kind of salary that he is asking since the midfielder’s performance has not been to the standards he set himself.

Alli, despite his status in England, is among the lowest paid in the club. Spurs may have the advantage about any potential new deal since Alli’s contract will expire after five years.

The 21-year-old attacker is not rushing into signing a new contract, however, as he knows that he will have more options in the coming months especially if he does well during the World Cup.

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