Tottenham midfielder Eric Dier explained why he talked to Jose Mourinho

Eric Dier


Tottenham Hotspur midfielder Eric Dier was spotted talking with Manchester United boss Jose Mourinho which led him to be called by Mauricio Pochettino to explain his actions.

The England international has been linked with a move to Old Trafford and the rumours have intensified after being seen with Mourinho in Portuguese after United’s win over Spurs at Old Trafford last season.

Pochettino is not happy about the situation and called Dier to explain his actions.

“We were talking for a very long time,” he told The Sunday Times. “And all of that week, really, we were in constant dialogue. It was a difficult week for me.

“The manager’s point of view was [the friendliness with Mourinho] was disrespectful to him.

“[The dialogue] was more him getting that message across than me getting my message across.”

“I grew up in Portugal. Portuguese people are very proud and it’s a small country. It doesn’t have the economic power of a country such as England, so people like Mourinho, Ronaldo, they’re extremely proud of it.

“Growing up there I was within all that, you know? I didn’t want to be disrespectful to anyone.

“I completely understand where the manager was coming from but I believe I was stuck in the middle of something I couldn’t really affect.”

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