West Ham fans not happy with David Moyes appointment

Just after sacking Slaven Bilic, it is reported that the ex-Everton manager David Moyes will take over West Ham.

David Moyes


Moyes is set to be announced as the London club’s new manager and fans are not happy with the decision.

In a Twitter poll made by @West Ham Social, ninety per cent of the almost 6000 votes, voted that they do not want Moyes.

Moyes will sign a two-and-a-half year deal which will also include an axing clause of he doesn’t make an impact with the team by the end of the season.

If he avoids being dropped off the Premier League though, he will earn a bonus worth £3.5 million.

Moyes brought success to Everton for more than a decade back when he was still the manager, but then failed when he handled Manchester United, Real Sociedad and Sunderland. He has a lot to prove now that he is taking over West Ham.

“He could be fantastic or he could be a liability,” said Graeme Howlett, editor of the West Ham United fans’ website Knees Up Mother Brown.

“But what he did with Everton was five years ago now. Since then it has been a litany of failure. He has everything to prove now.”

“The fans seem quite unanimous in that they are not particularly keen to see Moyes come in,” Howlett told BBC Sport.

“They would prefer to see someone more progressive.

“Various reasons have been mentioned, including his record at Sunderland, where he came in at a similar position and failed to keep them in the Premier League.

“I suspect there would be an awful lot of criticism for the board, who are already under intense pressure following the move to London Stadium, which has not gone down well.

“It’s certainly not an appointment that would be generally welcomed from what we’ve seen on social media and our forum.”

West Ham will have hard weeks coming as Moyes will have to prove his worth against tougher opponents such as Manchester City, Chelsea and Arsenal.

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