Where will Everton use Wayne Rooney’s £350,000 fine?

Wayne Rooney


After Wayne Rooney admitted that he was driving under the influence of alcohol, the former England striker was given a two-year driving ban together with a 12-month community order and a 100-hour course of community service.

That is not all though since Everton will also give him a fine of £300,000 which amounts to his two-week’ worth of salary.

Now that Everton will get his two-week worth of pay, where could they put it? As Everton is known in also giving back to the community, all of Rooney’s fine will be given to the local community through their award-winning EITC Scheme.

The court ordered Rooney to pay £170 that is small if compared to Everton’s fine. However, Rooney will have to endure two years of not driving as he was also banned for not driving.

Rooney was earning £300,000 when he played at Manchester United but accepted a 50 per cent pay cut when he joined Everton.

Now, it looks like Rooney has to prove a lot not only to his fans but to his wife and kids as well.

The Blues striker has already given his apology and has completely accepted the consequences of his actions.

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