Will Arsenal and Manchester City be disqualified at the Carabao Cup because of the substitution rule?

Manchester City


Since changing its name to the Carabao Cup, questions have been asked of the competition’s four substitutions rule as some find the wording of the rule as unclear.

Controversy with the two of England’s biggest clubs – Arsenal and Manchester City on whether or not they may retain their place in the completion because of the substitution rule in force.

Both teams used four substitutes in their fourth round when they won against Norwich City and Wolves.

While the issue is not about the use of four subs because it is naturally allowed in the competition, however, the timing of their substitutions may be in question as there are still uncertainties in the rules.



Both Arsenal and Chelsea used two substitutions during normal time and made another two substitutions during extra time, which has now started some questions and debate regarding the wording of the rule with the use of four substitutes.

Norwich boss Daniel Farke is also unsure if Arsene Wenger’s side followed the rules correctly which also prompted him to seek clarification from the EFL.

According to the rules for substitutions in the Carabao Cup, when a game goes to extra time, each team competing is “permitted to use an additional substitute (in extra time only}.”

While there may be some who will view that Arsenal and Manchester City didn’t follow the exact regulations but it is still unlikely that the two biggest clubs will out from the competition as they still operated within the rules.


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