Zlatan Ibrahimovic says Manchester City can be stopped

Zlatan Ibrahimovic


Zlatan Ibrahimovic just made a 13-minute cameo on the pitch and showed why he is a superstar with his demeanour during his post-match interview.

According to Ibrahimovic, United will be able to create a two-horse raise for the Premier League title.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic


“We can chase down City, why is it not a possibility?,” he said. “We are all here because we want to win and we need to because they are first.

“There is a possibility to win everything: The Premier League and the Champions League. We won two trophies last season and we are stronger this season. We believe we can do it – that’s the aim. To win and get the trophies.

“This week the manager has been very happy because he has a full team for the first time this season and as a coach you want those opportunities and alternatives to make changes.

“We just need to pick and choose. He knows what he is doing even when the number of players are limited because he’s a winner and has been winning every season.”

“I told you, lions don’t recover like humans,” said Ibrahimovic. “That I have now proved, rather than just saying it. But if people knew what kind of injury I had, they would be in shock that I’m even playing again.

“People believe I only had an ACL [anterior cruciate ligament] injury but I had more stuff in my knee that was injured. I want to keep that to myself, though, because I don’t need to tell the world. It’s very sensitive.

“I am just thankful I am able to run, do my things, do a little bit of ‘abracadabra’ magic, things that a lion does!”



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